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"The Abécédaire de l'Altiste" first volume by Anne Derex (illustrations: Solène Debarre)


Reference L'Abécédaire de l'Altiste

EAN Code 8/13 or UPC code : 9782382250044

for the first years of learning

 In this volume we will find 26 progressive lessons in which there are:

       Exercises related to the musical pieces offered,

       Very common pieces of great classics,

      Tips to help hold the instrument correctly or to perform an exercise,

       Elements of musical training,

       Notions of music history,

A separate booklet with the piano accompaniments of certain pieces.

Many styles and repertoires are discussed here, from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake to French Cancan, Ravel's Bolero to traditional Irish music, Vivaldi's Four Seasons to contemporary music scores, from Beau Danube bleu to Jingle Bells, from Schubert's Trout to ragtime or gospel without forgetting some notions of musical improvisation.
A State graduate, Anne DEREX teaches viola at the Conservatories of Montreuil and Bagnolet (93) and regularly plays in several orchestras, both classical and pop / rock. She is also a Doctor of Performing Arts. It is his double passion for music and theater that naturally leads him to create bridges between these two disciplines, both from an educational point of view (raising students' awareness of the musician's stage presence) and artistically (shows musicals, staging of operas ...). She studied viola with Nathalie Poulet, Michel Michalakakos or Alain Tresalet and chamber music with Pascal Proust.
A lawyer at the Paris Bar, Solène Debarre escapes her professional practice by drawing or painting in a self-taught way, giving free rein to her imagination. Her taste for art in all its forms developed very young in contact with the classical dance practiced for many years, then cultivated by concerts, opera, ballets, exhibitions.